Why Is My Recently Played On Spotify Wrong?

How do I clear my Spotify history on iPhone?

Step 1: Open the Spotify app.

Step 2: Select the Your Library tab at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the Edit button to the right of the Recently Played section.

Step 4: Touch the red circle to the left of the song, album, or playlist that you want to remove from the Recently Played section..

How do I restart my Spotify app?

If you’re using Android, head to Settings > App Manager (The name of the option varies depending on the brand of your phone, but it should be something like that). Find Spotify on the list and then tap “Clear Data/Cache” and then “Uninstall”.

Can you see someone’s recently played on Spotify?

Friend Activity shows the listening activity of any friends or public profiles (including brands and celebrities) that you follow. To show/hide Friend Activity: Click in the top-right corner and select Settings. Under Display Options, switch Show Friend Activity on (green), or off (gray).

How do you delete recently played on Spotify 2020?

Launch Spotify on your PC or Mac computer.On the left hand side of your screen, click on the “Recently Played” tab. … In the “Recently Played” section, look through the content you recently listened to and find the song, album, playlist, or podcast that you’d like to delete. … Click “Remove from Recently Played.”

Can you reset Spotify history?

On Spotify, there is currently no way to clear your history and start fresh. You have to retrain the algorithm by continuously listening to stuff you like.

How does Spotify recently played work?

How is the ‘Recently Played Artists’ list on a Spotify profile calculated? … If you listen to an album on Spotify (which is really just a playlist for a specific artist’s work from a single album) you will see them show up. The timeframe seems to be less than 12 hours for an artist to appear.

Is there a history on Spotify?

If you are using Spotify on the computer, you can find the History by clicking on the burger menu with the little play button in the bottom-right corner. You’ll first be taken to your regular Play Queue, where you can add and remove (or change the order) of future tracks to be played.

Why do random songs appear on my Spotify?

Re: Spotify Adding Random Songs It does sound like someone else has access to your account. If Logging out everywhere and changing your password didn’t work, I suggest you use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted.

How do I clear Spotify cache?

Clear your cacheTap Home .Tap Settings .Tap Storage.Tap Delete cache.

How do I clear my Netflix recently watched?

StepsSelect your profile. Click the icon and name for your Netflix user profile. … Select your profile icon. Place your mouse cursor over the profile icon in the top-right corner of the page. … Click Account. … Scroll down and click Viewing activity. … Find a movie or episode to remove. … Click the “Remove” icon.

How do I reset my Spotify playlist?

Steps to reproduce:Launch Spotify.Select a saved playlist.Click on a list column to sort the playlist in a particular order (e.g. sort by Track, Artist, Album, Added, etc).Close and re-launch Spotify.Select the saved playlist in step 2.