When I Pull Up Meaning?

What does pull up mean in electronics?

In electronic logic circuits, a pull-up resistor or pull-down resistor is a resistor used to ensure a known state for a signal.

A pull-up resistor effectively establishes an additional loop over the critical components, ensuring that the voltage is well-defined even when the switch is open..

What does pull up mean slang?

To approach or confront the opposition. Compare with slide.

What does How did you pull up mean?

4. How’d you pull up? This is a way of asking someone how they are fairing. It is most commonly used the morning after a big night out or following a big, strenuous event. “That networking event last night was crazy, I said I’d go for one drink and then I didn’t end up getting home until 4am.”

What does it mean to pull up on somebody?

Definition of ‘pull up on’ If someone pulls you up on something, they criticize you for something wrong that you have done.

What is another word for pull up?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pull-up, like: elevate, dislodge, pull out, arrive, dig out, come to a halt, come to a stop, get-there, remove, stop and continue.

What does it mean to pull someone?

To ‘pull someone’ simply means the act of attracting someone in a sexual or romantic way. Essentially, you are seeking them out or pursuing them in order to hook up with them.

What does pulled out mean?

vulgar slang To remove one’s penis from someone’s vagina or anus before ejaculating. The “pulling out” method is not an effective form of birth control.

Do you have any pull meaning?

Have a means of gaining advantage with, have influence on, as in She had pull with several of the board members. [