What Does Iron Represent Spiritually?

What are the qualities of iron?

Characteristics: Iron is a ductile, gray, relatively soft metal and is a moderately good conductor of heat and electricity.

It is attracted by magnets and can be readily magnetized.

The pure metal is chemically very reactive and rusts readily in moist air, forming red-brown oxides..

What does metal represent in the Bible?

God used the metals Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron throughout the Bible to show strength, power and glory. He also used Gold and Silver to show purity and how He will refine us through the trials of our lives, much like the Refiner’s fire, to bring us closer to Him.

Why is iron so important?

Iron is a mineral that the body needs for growth and development. Your body uses iron to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body, and myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to muscles. Your body also needs iron to make some hormones.

What are the properties and uses of iron?

A shiny, greyish metal that rusts in damp air. Iron is an enigma – it rusts easily, yet it is the most important of all metals. 90% of all metal that is refined today is iron. Most is used to manufacture steel, used in civil engineering (reinforced concrete, girders etc) and in manufacturing.

What is the color of iron?

Pristine and smooth pure iron surfaces are mirror-like silvery-gray. However, iron reacts readily with oxygen and water to give brown to black hydrated iron oxides, commonly known as rust.

What metals are mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible mentions six metals: gold, silver, lead, tin, copper, and iron. Although not mined in the Holy Land, gold and silver played major roles in biblical history.

What are the 3 properties of iron?

Iron is a lustrous, ductile, malleable, silver-gray metal (group VIII of the periodic table). It is known to exist in four distinct crystalline forms. Iron rusts in damp air, but not in dry air. It dissolves readily in dilute acids.

What does God say about silver?

“The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.” Gold and silver are products of God – they are not a creation of man. God designed them to be intrinsically valuable and beautiful, for gold does not tarnish nor corrode.

What is the power of silver?

Silver ::: Metaphysical Properties and Powers Silver is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving as well as healing. It is used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer. When silver is used with gemstones, the metal retains and amplifies the qualities emitted by the stones.

What does Silver say about your personality?

As a silver personality, you tend to have an understated air of sophistication, dignity and classiness about you. With a combination of good looks, talent and personality many would deem you to have luck on your side. You are gracious, gentle and non-aggressive with strong values and morals.

What are 5 physical properties of iron?

Iron Properties – What are the Physical Properties of Iron?Color : Silver-gray metal.Malleability : Capable of being shaped or bent.Ductility : Easily pulled or stretched into a thin wire.Luster : Has a shine or glow.Conductivity : Good transmission of heat or electricity.More items…

Is gold a holy metal?

Gold is set apart (holy) from the others; in that it is the only one of the three metals that do not tarnish. It remains virtually unchanged throughout time and exposure, hinting at the glorious eternal illustrations gold exhibits for us in terms of faith. Faith is the currency of heaven.

What does the Colour gold represent?

The color gold is the color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess, and shares several of the same attributes of the color yellow. … The color gold is cousin to the color yellow and the color brown, and is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom.

How many types of iron are there?

twoTypes of iron. There are two major types of iron produced: wrought iron and cast iron. Within those, cast iron includes its own family of metals.

How many times is iron mentioned in the Bible?

In addition, Iron is mentioned 91 times in the Bible and five times in the Quran.

What does tin symbolize?

Tin, or Jupiter, is the major benefic, bringing to man health, wealth and affluence. This gain comes without effort, or as the result of favor inspired by good deeds. It is far removed from all that is sordid and harsh, indicating instead good cheer, genial warmth and generosity.

What is the symbolic meaning of silver?

Color Meaning: Meaning of The Color Silver The color silver is associated with meanings of industrial, sleek, high-tech, and modern, as well as ornate, glamourous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant. Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes riches and wealth.

What is the chemical symbol of iron?


What does wood symbolize?

What Do Wooden Ring’s Symbolize? Unlike other types of metal or stone, wood is an organic material, and it is a strong symbol of life, growth, and strength. … The wood really captures the essence of its own life, year after year, growing stronger and stronger as time goes by.

What does iron react with?

Iron enters into a reaction with substances of different classes, and interacts with oxygen, carbon, phosphorus, halogens (bromine, iodine, fluorine and chlorine), and also nitrogen. These are not all the reactions of iron – this metal reacts with many elements.

What does bronze signify in the Bible?

It was greatly valued for its strength and durability in Bible times. … Symbolically, bronze is used in Scripture to represent the following: strength, durability – Leviticus 26:19; Deuteronomy 28:23; Job 40:18; Psalms 107:16; Jeremiah 1:18; 15:20; Daniel 2:3; Micah 4:13.