Quick Answer: Where Is Salvage Hunters Filmed?

Why is T not in salvage hunters anymore?

AFTER 18 months in his new home, Drew Pritchard feels that his renovation is complete.

Salvage Hunters star Drew Pritchard has been banned from every pub in his hometown following an alleged brawl.

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When was Salvage Hunters filmed?

Salvage HuntersOriginal networkQuestPicture format576i (16:9 SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)Original release14 November 2011 – presentExternal links10 more rows

Is Rebecca Pritchard ill?

Rebecca Pritchard Illness There is no available information regarding Rebecca being ill.

Are Drew and tee friends?

Drew And Tee Are The Best Of Friends! Rebecca is the first wife to Drew Pritchard and was born in February 1958 where she currently resides in London. Pritchard runs a television show by the name “Salvage Hunters” which is aired through a British free to air station “Quest” since 2011.

What car does Drew Pritchard Drive?

Volkswagen BeetleDrew, who is in his 50s, is well known for his love of classic cars and is known to race his 1958 Volkswagen Beetle recently racing in the Jack Seers Trophy at Goodwood.

Is Drew Pritchard still at liberty?

Drew has previously featured at Liberty of London but is now concentrating on his Showroom in the medieval walled town of Conwy, where his space features exquisite collections for house and home lovingly selected by Drew himself and managed by his team.

Where are salvage hunters based?

north WalesDrew Pritchard, the star of the Quest TV’s Salvage Hunters, moved into a Methodist chapel in the Conwy countryside in north Wales on 23rd June 1995.

Is T still in salvage hunters?

Tee married Rebecca Pritchard, who was his co-actor on “Salvage Hunters.” Still, he later divorced her due to unknown reasons. Now he is back to work and is doing good.

Was Drew Pritchard banned from driving?

Initially, Drew Pritchard was banned or put on ‘Pubwatch’ temporarily, but now he has been banned for an indefinite period.

Why is Drew Pritchard banned from pubs?

Antiques dealer Drew Pritchard has been placed on Pubwatch, meaning he is effectively banned from every pub. Police are investigating reports of an assault at The Liverpool Arms pub in Conwy on February 24 – the day of the Wales vs Ireland Six Nations clash.

Where does Drew Pritchard live now?

Drew, an antiques and architectural salvage dealer who presents TV show Salvage Hunters, bought this 18th century farm cottage in Conwy, north Wales, after only spending 10 minutes in the place.

Did tee marry Rebecca Pritchard?

Rebecca Pritchard Personal Life After a long relationship, they decided to end their marriage. She 1st met her now ex-husband while she was working as a property developer.

Where is Drew Pritchard’s wife now?

Rebecca is the first wife to Drew Pritchard and was born in February 1958 where she currently resides in London. Despite their separation through a divorce, they are together in their profession.

How old is Rebecca Pritchard?

About 62 years (February 1958)Rebecca Pritchard/Age