Quick Answer: What Rappers Are Not From The Hood?

Who is the most hood rapper?

11 Great Gangsta’ Rap SongsArtistSong1.

Notorious B.I.G”Juicy”2.


Dre”Nuthin’ but a G Thang”3.

Tupac Shakur”Hit ‘Em Up”4.

Snoop Dogg”Gin and Juice”7 more rows•Jul 9, 2020.

Who invented rap?

DJ Kool HercDJ Kool Herc is widely credited with kicking off the genre. His back-to-school parties in the 1970s were the incubator of his burgeoning idea, where he used his two record turntables to create loops, playing the same beat over again, and extending the instrumental portion of a song.

What is the oldest rap song?

There is some debate in the music industry as to which record came first, but the general consensus is that the first rap record was by the Fatback Band followed by what has been called the “granddaddy” of rap records, “Rapper’s Delight.”

Who is the hardest rapper of all time?

Big L defBig L def the hardest of all mf time….Top 10 Hardest Rappers DMX Earl Simmons, known professionally as DMX and Dark Man X, is an American rapper and actor. … Young Buck David Darnell Brown, best known by his stage name Young Buck, is an American rapper.More items…

Who is the poorest rapper?

Here are top 10 poorest rappers in the world.1 Young Buck – $300,000.2 Scarface – $500,000. … 3 DMX – $2 million. … 4 Sheek Louch – $3 million. … 5 Styles P – $3 million. … 6 Jadakiss – $6 million. … 7 KRS-One – $6 million. … 8 Tony Yayo – $7 million. … More items…•

Who is the best gangster rapper?

Gangsta Rap Artists2Pac. 2,362,201 listeners. Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971–September 13, 1996), also known by his stage names, Makaveli and 2Pac, was an American hip-hop artist, poet and…Upgrade Now.Snoop Dogg. 2,697,361 listeners. … Dr. Dre. … Ice Cube. 1,650,276 listeners. … 50 Cent. 2,833,472 listeners. … Upgrade Now.N.W.A. 1,107,767 listeners.More items…

Is Master Pa a real gangster?

Better known to rap fans as Master P, the 28-year-old Mr. Miller is a self-made millionaire and one of rap’s most inspirational success stories.

Who was the 1st rapper?

DJ Kool HercOne of the first rappers at the beginning of the hip hop period, at the end of the 1970s, was also hip hop’s first DJ, DJ Kool Herc. Herc, a Jamaican immigrant, started delivering simple raps at his parties, which some claim were inspired by the Jamaican tradition of toasting.

What is the hardest rap song?

We bring you an assortment of hard rap songs that are sure to get you pumped up and grooving to the beat.Drake – ‘God’s Plan’ … Migos – ‘Made Men’ … SOB X RBE – ‘Lifestyle’ … Saba – ‘Logout’ … Drake – ‘Nice For What’ … Cardi B – ‘I Do’ … Valeeft. … Childish Gambino – ‘This is America’More items…•

What rappers are from East Coast?

Any list of East Coast hip hop artists has to include the likes of Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Public Enemy, Gang Starr and Notorious B.I.G. These are widely recognized regarded as the best East Coast rappers and with good reason.

Who was the first girl rapper?

Sharon GreenBronx, New York, U.S.A. Sharon Green (born 1962), considered the “first female rapper” or emcee, known by the rap moniker MC Sha-Rock. Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, she grew up in the South Bronx, New York City during the earliest years of hip hop culture.

What was the first rap song to hit?

Ice Ice BabyAnd on Nov. 3, 1990, rap cemented its finally unignorable mainstream influence with its first-ever No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100: Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

What does OG mean rap?

original gangster’OG’ stands for ‘original gangster’. It is a phrase that is often used in rap and hip hop culture. This later found its way into the internet and texting culture. The long form of ‘OG’ is ‘original gangster. ‘ The meaning of ‘original gangster’ is someone who is from ‘the old s.

What is the hardest song to rap?

What are the hardest-hitting rap songs?…If you’re talking:Aggressive – “Hard In The Paint” by Waka Flocka Flames.“It factor/Litness” – “I don’t Like” by Chief Keef.Lyrical Prowess – “Street Chainz” by Lil Wayne.Anthem – “International Playaz Anthem” by UGK ft. OutKast.

What city is 50 Cent from?

South Jamaica, New York, United States50 Cent/Place of birth

What rapper is from California?

That was predominantly influenced by the rappers of California….The Top 20 West Coast Rappers of All-TimeMC Ren.Ice-T. … Westside Connection. … MC Hammer. … Mac Dre. … Schoolboy Q. … YG. … MC Eiht. Aaron Tyler was born in Compton, California, on May 22, 1971. … More items…

Who are OG rappers?

Any list of gangsta rappers has to include the likes of Tupac Shakur, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, DMX, 50 Cent and N.W.A. When you think of gangsta rap, you generally will consider the rappers on this list to be the most important voices in the genre.

Who is the king of West Coast rap?

Kendrick Lamar DuckworthKendrick Lamar: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the King of the West Coast. 1. He recorded his first mixtape at age 16. At age 16, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth released his first mixtape under the moniker K.

Who was the 1st white rapper?

1989: 3rd Bass (a.k.a. Pete Nice and MC Serch), the first critically respected white hip-hop group since the Beastie Boys, debuts with The Cactus Album. —Atrocious misrepresentations of rap music in cinema, part one: A teen witch helps a girl in an unfortunate bonnet win a rap battle for love.

What is an OG in the hood?

OG is a slang term for someone who’s incredibly exceptional, authentic, or “old-school.” It can be earnestly used for a legend like Michael Jordan or more ironically, like for that friend who can unwrap a Starburst with their mouth.