Quick Answer: What Is Cultural Transposition?

What does transposition mean in medical terms?

Removal from one place to another; metathesis.


The condition of being transposed to the wrong side of the body, as in transposition of the viscera, in which the viscera are located opposite their normal position..

What is transposition in geography?

Transposition occurs when a folded layer is disrupted in such a manner that the orientation of the individual segments no longer indicates the gross orientation of the parent layer.

What is transposition in transmission lines?

Transposition is the periodic swapping of positions of the conductors of a transmission line, in order to reduce crosstalk and otherwise improve transmission. In telecommunications this applies to balanced pairs whilst in power transmission lines three conductors are periodically transposed.

What does transposition mean in accounting?

A transposition error describes an event where a bookkeeper accidentally reverses two adjacent digits, when recording transactional data. Although this error may seem small in scale, it often results in substantial financial incongruities that can have a great impact in other areas.

What is transposition cipher with example?

One example of a transposition cipher, is to reverse the order of the letters in a plaintext. … Another type of transposition cipher is the Scytale, which was an encryption device used by the Ancient Greeks and Spartans. It consisted of a polygonal rod or cylinder, around which was wrapped a piece of parchment.

What is transposition in psychology?

n. 1. the process of transferring a learned relationship between two or more stimuli to a new set of stimuli.

What is the meaning of transposition in maths?

An exchange of two elements of an ordered list with all others staying the same. A transposition is therefore a permutation of two elements. For example, the swapping of 2 and 5 to take the list 123456 to 153426 is a transposition. The permutation symbol.

What is transposition English?

verb (used with object), trans·posed, trans·pos·ing. to change the relative position, order, or sequence of; cause to change places; interchange: to transpose the third and fourth letters of a word. to transfer or transport.

What is transposition in reading?

The phenomenon takes place when two letters in a word (typically called a base word) switch positions to create a new string of letters that form a new, non-word (typically called a transposed letter non-word or TL non-word). …