Quick Answer: Is Lunacy A Real Word?

How do you use lunacy in a sentence?

Lunacy sentence examplesThe committee of a lunatic, with the sanction of the judge in lunacy, may refer disputes to arbitration.

The lunacy of her father and the depravity of her mother were serious drawbacks to Catherine, and her only education was obtained in a convent at Poissy.More items….

What does ignorance mean?

ignorantnoun. the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

What does lucidity mean in vocabulary?

A good word definition should be characterized by its lucidity, or clarity. In other words, it should be clear and easy to understand — like this one. Lucidity comes from the Latin lucidus meaning “light, bright, clear.” Certainly when something is light, bright, and clear, it’s ripe with the quality of lucidity.

What is the meaning of lunatic?

1 dated. a : affected with a severely disordered state of mind : insane. b : designed for the care of mentally ill people a lunatic asylum. 2 : wildly foolish a lunatic idea lunatic behavior.

Is Heartless a real word?

adjective. unfeeling; unkind; unsympathetic; harsh; cruel: heartless words; a heartless ruler.

What is a Luna Tick?

Lunatic is an antiquated term referring to a person who is seen as mentally ill, dangerous, foolish, or crazy—conditions once attributed to “lunacy.” The word derives from lunaticus meaning “of the moon” or “moonstruck”.

What does stupidity mean?

Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, understanding, reason, or wit. It may be innate, assumed or reactive. The word stupid comes from the Latin word stupere.

What lunacy means?

1 dated. a : insanity sense 1. b : intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon. 2 : wild foolishness : extravagant folly. 3 : a foolish act.

Does Luna mean crazy?

Someone driving too fast and zigging in and out of traffic is driving like a lunatic. … The root of this word is luna, which means moon. That’s because lunatic originally meant someone who went crazy with every phase of the moon, kind of like a werewolf.

How do you know if you’re a lunatic?

Mental Health Warning SignsConfused thinking.Long-lasting sadness or irritability.Extremely high and low moods.Excessive fear, worry, or anxiety.Social withdrawal.Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits.Strong feelings of anger.Delusions or hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not really there)More items…•

Is lunacy a word?

noun, plural lu·na·cies. intermittent insanity, formerly believed to be related to phases of the moon. extreme foolishness or an instance of it: Her decision to resign was sheer lunacy. unsoundness of mind sufficient to incapacitate one for civil transactions: a former legal term.

Where does the word lunacy originate from?

The word stems from the Latin “luna” meaning moon, with the “atic” suffix meaning “of the kind of”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED says the word originally referred to a kind of insanity supposedly dependent on the phases of the moon.

What type of word is stupidity?

noun, plural stu·pid·i·ties for 2. the state, quality, or fact of being stupid. a stupid act, notion, speech, etc.

Does the moon cause lunacy?

Yet to the best of our knowledge, there have been no reports of a “mosquito lunacy effect.” Second, the moon’s gravitational force affects only open bodies of water, such as oceans and lakes, but not contained sources of water, such as the human brain.