Quick Answer: How Do You Paint An Old Suitcase?

How do I paint an old vintage suitcase?

Update a dated suitcase with a few fresh coats of trendy metallic spray paint.

If you are looking for more even and smooth coverage, use spray paint.

But if you want to use canned paint on a smooth surface like vinyl or waxed furniture, I would recommend using an oil-based primer can of paint for the first coat..

How do you restore an old leather suitcase?

Old fashioned luggage: The more you have the cooler it looks in the stack! For plastics, use damp, soapy sponge and remove any soap residue with a damp cloth. For extra sheen, spray it with a silicone wax and buff it. For leather, get a cream leather cleaner from any shoe repair shop and apply it with a soft cloth.

How do you clean a fabric suitcase?

Wipe exterior with a damp (not soaking wet) microfiber cloth, taking care not to saturate the fabric. To remove stubborn stains, use a laundry pre-treatment and a mild solution of dish detergent and water or sponge the area lightly with upholstery shampoo, working from the middle of the stain to the edges.

Can you paint a fabric suitcase?

Grab some fabric paint—or even spray paint—at your local craft store, and use your suitcase as a canvas.

How do you reupholster an old suitcase?

all you need is an old suitcase, fabric, modge podge, foam or paint brush and a rotary cutter to trim the fabric. paint your suitcase with a layer of modge podge, lay down your fabric with some excess overlay and tuck it into the seams of the suitcase. then trim with your rotary cutter and voila!

What do I do with old SuitCases?

Instead, contact your local recycler to see if they have a bulk pickup program that will offer to recycle your suitcase on your behalf. If that fails, TerraCycle, a consumer-waste recycle program, has its own luggage and travel bag recycling program.

Can you paint a hard shell suitcase?

To paint a plastic suitcase our plastics primer from the Tech range is ideal. This primer also has the advantage that it dries in just 15 minutes, so you can apply the finishing paint almost immediately.

How do you paint a suitcase?

Paint the suitcase with one solid color….For stripes, start by laying down a piece of tape going down vertically on the suitcase.Lay the next piece of tape right next to it as vertical as possible.Cover the whole suitcase. … Now, remove every other piece of tape. … With a steady hand, paint the remaining open lines.More items…•

How can I donate my old suitcase?

Best place to donate used luggageFoster Care Agencies – Our top suggestion is to search online for nearby foster care agencies in your area, give them your old luggage. … Homeless Shelters/Women’s Shelters – Another great cause is homeless/women’s shelters.More items…

How do you paint an old train case?

InstructionsClean your makeup/train case, if needed.Spray paint the outside of the case, 2-3 coats. … Using the Waverly Lagoon paint the inside, 2 coats.Tape area for stripes on the outside of the case (optional).Paint the striped area with the Waverly Mineral chalk paint.More items…•

How do you clean a vintage train case?

How to Clean Vintage Luggage Magically erase scuff marks with the magic eraser. If your luggage is leather – be gentle and don’t scrub but if you have hard luggage, use an old toothbrush and mild cleanser (Simple Green) to get into the grooves around handles and latches. Wipe down suitcase with damp paper towels then dry.More items…•

Can you donate suitcases to Goodwill?

As you pack your bags for a weekend of travel, grab that old suitcase that is collecting dust and taking up space in your closet. Don’t take it to the dumpster, take it to your local Goodwill!