Question: How Do You Use The Word Elucidate?

How do you use acrimonious in a sentence?

Acrimonious sentence examplesWe need to defuse this increasingly acrimonious situation.


It is an acrimonious dispute, so exercise sensible caution.

The treatment of the crown prince’s illness also gave rise to an acrimonious controversy.

It was an acrimonious split.More items….

Is Nuance a good thing?

Nuance is pretty much always seen as a good thing, since it acknowledges the variation and complexity of the world.

What acrimonious means?

: angry and bitter : caustic, biting, or rancorous especially in feeling, language, or manner an acrimonious dispute.

What is a Elusive?

: tending to elude: such as. a : tending to evade grasp or pursuit elusive prey. b : hard to comprehend or define. c : hard to isolate or identify.

Does Nuance mean?

Nuance definitions A subtle or slight degree of difference, as in meaning, feeling, or tone; a gradation. Expression or appreciation of subtle shades of meaning, feeling, or tone. … The definition of a nuance is a subtle difference.

What does nuanced mean?

: having nuances : having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in character or tone) a nuanced performance Whenever the movie focusses on Van Doren and Goodwin and Stempel, it treats them as nuanced human beings.

What does Euclid mean?

Good Glory”Euclid” is the anglicized version of the Greek name Εὐκλείδης, meaning “Good Glory”.

Can a person be egregious?

The definition of egregious is extraordinary, but in a negative way. An example of egregious is a person who is a fantastic liar. Outrageously bad; shocking.

Which word has a suffix that means full of?

List of English SuffixesSuffixMeaningsSample Words and Definitions-ettediminutive (makes something smaller)cigarette, diskette, kitchenette-fulfull ofhelpful, thankful, cheerful-fymake, cause (makes the word a verb)amplify, falsify, terrify-gam/gamymarriage, unionmonogam, polygamy122 more rows

What is an acrimonious relationship?

The word ‘acrimonious’ is an adjective. It means bitter or very critical. A relationship that is acrimonious would be one in which the people did not…

What part of speech is acrimonious?

adjective. caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature, speech, behavior, etc.: an acrimonious answer; an acrimonious dispute.

Can a person be nuanced?

If a person lacks nuance they do not see below the surface of an issue very well, assuming we are discussing events. It can also mean that a person is bland and has no creativity or uniqueness. For example, there are many musicians that sound alike.

How do you use elucidate in a sentence?

Elucidated sentence examplesOn the other hand, by the application of the principles he thus elucidated he furthered to an immense extent the employment of electricity for the purposes of daily life. … The most important point elucidated by this. … The constitution of piperic acid was elucidated by R.More items…

What is another word for elucidate?

Some common synonyms of elucidate are explain, explicate, expound, and interpret.

What is the meaning of explain?

explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, interpret mean to make something clear or understandable. explain implies a making plain or intelligible what is not immediately obvious or entirely known.

How do you use elucidate?

To explain or clarify something. She gave a one-word answer and refused to elucidate any further. To make clear; to clarify; to shed light upon. To make clear or plain, especially by explanation; clarify.

What does it mean to elucidate something?

transitive verb. : to make lucid especially by explanation or analysis elucidate a text.