Is Watching One Piece Worth It?

Is One Piece or Naruto better?

Naruto started good but by the end you could feel it was dragged more than it should have.

One Piece is much more consistent.

The manga is better than the anime, but even so, I’d take One Piece over Naruto any day..

What’s so good about one piece?

One Piece is a manga which gave special attention to its characters. It has some of the best character development in any manga or anime. … This is powerful character development, and it wasn’t saved up for some flashback several dozen chapters down the line. We got it right at the very start of the manga.

Does Zoro cry?

Yep. He cries, vowing he’ll never loose again, and affirms his support of luffy as the up-and-coming PK, in the process.

What is the saddest episode of One Piece?

The 5 Saddest Moments in One PieceTragedy of Ohara. During the Enies Lobby arc (Episode 277), we learn of Nico Robin’s hidden past. … Death of Fisher Tiger. Fisher Tiger was a fishman and founder of the Sun pirates. … The Separation of the Strawhat Crew. … Death of Ace. … Whitebeard’s Death. … 54 Comments.

Is it worth it to start one piece?

Definitely, on par with Naruto & DBZ and in some places, it’s even better than those. First few seasons, say 50–100 episodes you might feel like old school comedy and rough animation but that’s coz it started in 1999 and One Piece took its fair share amount of time to build an amazingly interesting story.

Should I read or watch one piece?

Originally Answered: Should I watch One Piece the anime or read the manga? I’d say read the manga. If it’s an anime original, then watch the anime. … However, if you’ve already reached the latest chapter of the manga, then you can either watch fillers in which the manga does not have.

Should I start watching Naruto?

Watch Naruto (not shipudden) first from ep 1 – 135 then move on to shippuden. I would suggest you watch Naruto first, then Shippuden. You won’t know anything about the characters if you start with Shippuden. … I really enjoyed the first 100 or so episodes of the original series.

Does one piece make you cry?

So yes One Piece has made me cry! … I watched a lot of sad scenes that made people cry, i did feel sad but never cried even with merry’s or ace’s death and any other flashback we had in op like Brook’s or Robin’s for example.

Who has actually died in one piece?

Monet and Vergo are dead. Only 100 of Don Krieg’s 5,000 man fleet survived the Grand Line, Calm Belt and Mihawk. Gin stated he was going to die, then sailed off with no medical help and no cure to MH5. The people that were covered in Magellan’s Kinjite were guaranteed death.

What is longest running anime?

Sazae-sanSazae-san (still ongoing) holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated television series at more than 7071 episodes.

Is there any anime better than one piece?

Originally Answered: Is there an anime better than One Piece? The simple and honest answer is, No! One Piece is the only one of it’s kind. It’s commonly placed under the Shounen genre and known as one of Big Three in anime industry.

How much is the one piece worth?

… and so does its value. The author have clarified it in S.B.S corner (a Q&A corner, may not be available for non-Japanese, or non-Korean readers), that one “BELI” worth 1 yen. Now it’s about 80 cents for 100 yen, but it is more appropriate to see it as 1 dollar for 100 yen, so 30M Beli would equal to 300K USD.