Is Gold Abiotic Or Biotic?

Is plastic biotic or abiotic?

is plastic a biotic or abiotic factor.

plastic is an non living thing so it is abiotic factor..

Is a sun abiotic or biotic?

Some examples of Abiotic factors are the sun, rocks, water, and sand. Biotic factors are living organisms that affect other living organisms. Some examples of Biotic factors are fish, insects, and animals.

Is a bread biotic or abiotic?

Explanation: Bread is abiotic . Biotic means living or once lived.

Is gold biotic?

The term biotic means living or having lived. Examples of biotic factors would include a frog, a leaf, a dead tree, or a piece of wood. The term abiotic means non-living, or never having lived. Examples of abiotic factors would include gold, rock, bicycle, brick, and cement.

Are potatoes biotic or abiotic?

Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is among the most responsive species to N application but is susceptible to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Is food biotic or abiotic?

What are biotic and abiotic factors? Biotic components are living organisms in an ecosystem. A biotic factor is a living organism that affects another organism in its ecosystem. Examples include plants and animals that the organism consumes as food, and animals that consume the organism.