How Many 100 Breaks Has Ronnie O’Sullivan Made?

Who is the richest snooker player?

World’s Richest Snooker PlayersSteve Davis: A Player Lucky As A Lottery Winner.

Net Worth: $33.7 million.

Stephen Hendry.

Net Worth: $32.4 million.

Dennis Tyler.

Net Worth: $23.3 million.

Jimmy White.

Net Worth: $19.4 million.

Cliff Thorburn.

Net Worth: $15.5 million.

Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Net Worth: $14.2 million.

John Parrott.

Net Worth: $11.6 million..

Is Ronnie O Sullivan’s father out of jail?

The father of snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan was today enjoying an emotional reunion with his family after spending 17 years in jail for murder. Ronnie O’Sullivan senior, 54, who was sentenced to life when his son was just 16, was released from prison this week and finally allowed home.

How much does Ronnie O’Sullivan earn?

Ronnie O’Sullivan, nicknamed “The Rocket”, has earned his net worth as a six-time World Champion snooker player who is known for his rapid playing style. As of this writing he has earned around $15 million in tournament money alone.

Who has the most 147 breaks in snooker?

Here’s a list of all of snooker’s official 147 maximum breaks:Steve Davis made the first ever official 147 at the 1982 Lada Classic. … Stephen Hendry has made 11 maximums, including three at the Crucible. … Ronnie O’Sullivan has 15 maximums to his name – a record.More items…

What age is Judd Trump?

31 years (August 20, 1989)Judd Trump/AgeJudd Trump has risen to become one of the best snooker players in the world. The 31-year-old is the current world No 1 and recently won his 18th ranking title by adding the English Open to his collection.

Who beat Judd Trump?

Neil RobertsonUK Championship 2020: Neil Robertson beats Judd Trump to win title. Neil Robertson edged past world number one Judd Trump 10-9 to win his third UK Championship in what was an unforgettably epic late night final.

How many maximum breaks has Ronnie O’Sullivan made?

15Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most maximum breaks in professional competition, with 15. He also holds the record for the fastest competitive maximum break, at 5 minutes and 8 seconds, which he achieved at the 1997 World Championship.

How many centuries does Ronnie O’Sullivan have?

1,000The landmark was reached in style. Ronnie O’Sullivan became the first player to compile 1,000 professional centuries and, in the process, wrapped up the match to win the Players Championship in Preston.

What is Ronnie O Sullivan’s net worth?

The net worth of Ronnie is estimated at $12 million or 9 million euros. Most of his fortune comes from the prize money that he wins during the snooker tournaments.

Why did Michaela leave snooker?

Tabb had claimed sex discrimination, unfair dismissal and breach of contract against World Snooker, the business arm of the professional game, following her departure from the circuit in March. … Tabb, who has refereed two World Championship finals, appeared under her married name of Michaela McInnes.

Who is the oldest snooker player still playing?

Davis is the second oldest snooker player to make an official maximum break of 147 points in a professional competition, at the age of 44 years and 202 days….Mark Davis (snooker player)Highest break147 (2 times)Century breaks258Best ranking finishRunner-up (2018 English Open)Tournament winsNon-ranking58 more rows

Is Ronnie O’Sullivan the greatest of all time?

Ronnie O’Sullivan, ‘the greatest of all time’, thrashes Kyren Wilson to win sixth world title. Ninteen years and three Covid-delayed months after he won his first World Snooker title, Ronnie O’Sullivan picked up his sixth at the Sheffield Crucible on Sunday evening.

Who is the greatest snooker player ever?

Ronnie O’Sullivan (+ Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis) Jimmy White: Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O’Sullivan are between them the best in the world but O’Sullivan is number one, no doubt about that. … Alex Higgins. White: Make no mistake, he made snooker popular. … Mark Selby. … Paul Hunter. … Judd Trump.

How many century breaks has Judd Trump made?

Judd TrumpCurrent ranking1 (as of 21 December 2020)Career winnings£4,089,754Highest break147 (5 times)Century breaks767Tournament wins10 more rows

How many finals has Ronnie O’Sullivan lost?

In the 2020/2021 season, O’Sullivan has yet to win a major tournament, though he reached two finals. In November, he was defeated by Judd Trump 9-7 in the final of the Northern Ireland Open, that was his third consecutive loss to Trump in the final.