How Do You Use Sobre In Spanish?

How do you use sobre in a sentence?

In your sentence #5 I would use “sobre”….For example:I didn’t tell them anything about your secret.I didn’t tell them anything concerning your secret.I didn’t tell them anything regarding your secret..

Is Sobre a preposition?

Sobre todo… above all. Sobre todo me gusta este sitio de internet. The same preposition used with different verbs means different things, just like in English: you have to learn verb preposition combinations.

What is the meaning of Y in Spanish?

In Spanish, ⟨y⟩ was used as a word-initial form of ⟨i⟩ that was more visible. … Appearing alone as a word, the letter ⟨y⟩ is a grammatical conjunction with the meaning “and” in Spanish and is pronounced /i/. As a consonant, ⟨y⟩ represents [ʝ] in Spanish.

How do you use sobre?

“sobre” is used to translate “over” 17 times more often than “encima (de)”…Those examples are for “sobre” used as a preposition, so it can be used on three different forms:preposition – see above.noun – “sobre” means “envelope”composite element – “sobresaltar” means “suddenly scare”

How do you use preposition in Spanish?

Prepositions are used to indicate a relationship between two words or phrases, linking them together. They are often used to indicate relationships of location, direction, or time. As the prefix pre in the word preposition suggests, prepositions precede the word or words they link.

What is the meaning of Cerca?

Adverb. cerca (superlative cerquísima) close, near, around, about, nearly, nigh (referring to quantity or time-related) close, near, around, nigh, at hand, close at hand, in sight (spatially) nearby, close by.

What does EN mean in Spanish?

Usage. “En” can be used to mean “in”, “on”, or “at” in Spanish, and it is used to indicate location and time. It is also used to indicate how people get to other places.

What are the 10 Spanish pronouns?

Here are the subject pronouns:I: Yo.You: Tú (informal) / Usted (Formal):He: Él.She: Ella.We: Nosotros / Nosotras.You, plural and informal: Vosotros / Vosotras.You, plural and formal: Ustedes.They: Ellos / Ellas.

What are prepositions of place in Spanish?

Prepositions of place in Spanish, LAS PREPOSICIONES DE LUGAR, are words like “Sobre” (on) and “Debajo” (under) that are normally used to indicate the location of one object in relation to another.