Does Chloe Sullivan Die In Smallville?

Does Chloe Sullivan come back in season 10?

The CW’s Smallville returns from its winter break on Friday, January 28, and TVLine has a first look at a reunion many fans have waited for.

Making her first appearance since the Season 10 premiere is original cast member Allison Mack, who is set to appear in a total of five episodes this season..

Does Chloe get powers in Smallville?

In Smallville, Chloe had healing powers due to exposure to green meteor rock. The specific term for this power is “Empathic healing”, because she connects in a empathic way to heal. This power is powerful enough to resurrect someone, but she literally gives them her own life-force, thereby causing her own death.

Is Chloe Sullivan Felicity Smoak?

Felicity Smoak & Chloe Sullivan: Why they are basically the same character. … Chloe Sullivan, originally, was set up in the show as a Lois Lane stand-in. Since she is a completely original character for the show, it was easy to tweak her story enough to the point where Lois became her cousin.

What episode does Chloe Sullivan die?

As the season finale “Phantom” (2007) unfolded, Lois woke to find Chloe dead. After battling with Bizarro to open the season seven premiere, Clark raced Chloe to the hospital where she was pronounced dead and sent to the morgue. However, Chloe’s powers eventually brought her back to life.

Does Oliver Queen die in Smallville?

Coming to the Rescue: He’s Green Arrow for a reason. … After Oliver discovered that the Luthors were behind his parents’ death, he attempted to kill Lex Luthor; he seemingly succeeded, but Lex ultimately turned out to still be alive.

Did Chloe really die on Smallville?

Lois was bleeding severely from a deep stab wound then died and after Chloe started crying, a tear fell on Lois and she was resurrected. However, Chloe herself was rendered unconscious, to such a degree that the staff at Smallville Medical Center pronounced her dead.

Where did Chloe go in Smallville?

Kent FarmThey both agreed that leaving Clark had been for the best, but that they should now stay with him for support due the VRA. After helping Lois in her campaign to overthrow the VRA, Chloe went to the Kent Farm to watch the VRA announcement and shared in the celebration when the act was repealed.

Who does Chloe Sullivan marry in Smallville?

Oliver QueenIn the episode “Fortune”, Chloe decides to move to Star City to return to journalism following her marriage to Oliver Queen. In a flashforward in the series finale, Chloe is now the mother to a young boy, but remains in touch with Clark and Lois.

Why was Smallville Cancelled?

When Smallville began, it revolved around Clark Kent (Tom Welling), a high school student who was discovering his super powers. … The renewal had supposedly been hinging on whether or not Welling wanted to keep doing the series. The decision has now been made that season 10 will be the show’s last.

Why did Chloe and Jimmy get divorced?

One of their major breakups was due to the fact that Jimmy had no kind feelings towards meteor freaks after being hurt by them and this prevents Chloe from opening up to him about her special abilities.

What did Lex do to Lana’s baby?

Lana miscarrying her baby. One week later, she told Lex that she didn’t feel well enough to go on their honeymoon, so they canceled the trip. After Lana collapsed in pain and passed out, Lex was forced to tell her that she had suffered complications and miscarried the baby.

Who all dies in Smallville?

Clark Kent.Chloe Sullivan.Lana Lang.Lex Luthor.Lois Lane.Oliver Queen.Jimmy Olsen.Tess Mercer.